TPA Series
Two-part system consisting of a solid steel bottom part and a rubber
top part. In case of wear and tear the rubber part can be easily
exchanged, the magnetic steel part remains intact.

sku description length (mm) width (mm) height (mm) load level (t) adhesive force (kp)
Stahl-Aussparungs-Körper für Frimeda Systeme
TPA-A1-025-2 M10 mittig 146,0 55,0 15,0 2.5 200,0
TPA-A1-050-2 M10 mittig 156,0 65,0 15,0 5.0 260,0
TPA-A1-100-3 M10 mittig 210,0 100,0 15,0 10.0 500,0
Gummi-AUssparungs-Körper mit integriertem Magneten