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Wir haben unsere Website überarbeitet und freuen uns, Ihnen unser Know-How und unsere Produkte nun in einem noch moderneren Design zu präsentieren.


Filtech Messe 2019

Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch!

Die größte Filtrationsveranstaltung der Welt und wir haben unseren Teil dazu beigetragen -

Die Filtech steckt jedes Jahr voller neuer Überraschungen und Innovationen und wir müssen gestehen: Diese Messe ist ein absolutes MUSS für alle die sich im Bereich Filtration und Separation mit der Entwicklung, Forschung, dem Kauf oder Verkauf beschäftigen.

Wir dürfen hier stolz verkünden, dass wir auf der Messe mit unseren magnetischen Filtrationssystemen für Begeisterung sorgen konnten. 


Magnetic chuck

We are able to further expand our product portfolio and have added the product "magnetic clamping plate" to our product range!



Mrs. Kluthe

It's time to say goodbye to

For decades, our dear colleague Ms. Kluthe has shaped the company with her positive nature and her ambition.

On 31.10.2018 it was time and we had to say goodbye to her into retirement.

We wish Mrs. Kluthe and her family a relaxing and exciting time in their new and well deserved free time!

Above all we wish her good health and that she never loses her laugh, with which she sweetened us many a hard day's work!


Farewell Party

for Mr. Schilp

After exactly 12 years of service, it is now time to give our valued and cherished staff Mr. Schilp a well-deserved retirement.

After a small farewell party, at the MTK  we finally had to say "goodbye" and wish Mr. Schilp and his wife a relaxing, but also an eventful and exciting time in retirement with a lot of health!

Convince yourself!


We are proud to present you our new image film and thus give you a little insight into our company.

Convince yourself of our team, which works hand in hand every day for your satisfaction!

Hier geht's zum Video


Summerparty 2017

Ratec and MTK

On 21.07.2017 it was finally time!

The first joint summer party of MTK Magnet-Fabrik Solingen GmbH and our 100% parent company of RATEC GmbH was due.

At the MTK Magnet-Fabrik in Solingen, with the help of our employees, we were able to organize a large, international BBQ for our colleagues from Hockenheim.

In addition to many nice and interesting discussions with colleagues was still the great MTK vs.. RATEC Battle with subsequent trophy award to the winner of the Challange.

With a final score of 4: 5 we had to say goodbye to the trophy and handed over the RATEC GmbH.

Despite the sporting defeat, there were no losers. Because we have met many nice people and spent a great day among all colleagues.



02.01.2017 - Aus ALT wird NEU!

Also in 2017 we will start again with one New product in the new year!    

  •  even faster    
  •  even more effective     
  • even more durable

Our new coolant cleaning system!

Convince yourself of our Made in Solingen quality!